Google Maps for iOS Updated With Location Sharing on iMessage

Google Maps is the most popular map service. Even if you are an iOS user with access to Apple Maps (which many consider superior to Google Maps) there is a good chance you use Google Maps. If that is the case, there is a piece of news that might interest you. iOS’s iMessage service has got a new update and the users will now be able to send their location to other iMessage users from Google Map.

Google has updated Google Maps recently and added some new functions and features. Although most of the changes are subtle and do not dramatically change the way you use Google Maps, this is a big thing for those who use both Google Maps and iMessage.

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There is nothing special or complicated you need to do to use this feature. It is pretty straightforward. It is as simple as using the iMessage option ‘Send my current location’ using Apple Map. When you share your current location using Google Map, the user will receive a small thumbnail. Upon tapping the thumbnail the location will open separately in Google Maps.

That’s good. Isn’t it? But, there is a catch. When you send the current location and move to another location, the sent location will not get updated. That’s a feature man users prefer to use. From the privacy perspective, it is not that bad. However, if you specifically wish to keep someone updated with your current location with someone, it won’t work.

Google Maps works well when you need the turn by turn navigation. But, so far, in order to see the directions, you had to launch Google Maps. That wasn’t very easy, especially when you were driving. Thanks to this update, iOS now has a new widget called ‘Directions’ from Google. This widget gives you turn by turn directions right on the lock screen of your iOS device. Apple Maps already had this kind of widget. If you are a Google Maps user, you will find this widget very handy now. You don’t need to unlock your device and open the app anymore.

Apparently, majority of the iOS users prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps. The introduction of the new feature aims at making Google Maps simpler for the users. By doing so, Google not only plans to make thing more convenient for the existing Google Maps users but also make the Apple Maps users make a switch.

Apple Maps is the native app and thus it is natural for it to work better with Apple’s iOS. It is also very tightly integrated across the operating system. In addition, it offers many more features and more simplicity than Google Maps. Over the last few years, Google has been trying hard to become more favourable to iOS users. While it will be too early to say that Google’s attempts have been all but futile, there is still a long way to go to catch up with Apple Maps on iOS devices. Apple too keeps updating its Map so the competition is tough.

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