Mini Fun Games to Play in iMessage on iOS 10

We know that iMessage is a great messaging service that keeps us connected with our friends and families. But, did you also know that you could play online games from within iMessage with the others also on iMessage? Yes, there are some incredible games available and we have rounded up some of the best ones here. Take a look!

1. Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is an amazing assortment of 5 games you can play in iMessage on your iOS 10 device. The games included are Sea Battle, 8-Ball, Anagrams, Poker, and Gomoku. This game can be played solo or online. For instance, you can invite your friends to play poker or pool with you. You could also enjoy the deep depths of the vast sea and emerge victorious in Sea Battle game. In case you to play with anagrams the eponymous game is also there for you. The flip game Gomuku is also very engaging. All in all, it is a great game to have on your iMessage.

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 2. Let’s Puck it!

This game has been designed exclusively for the users of iMessage.  Created by the renowned developers Little Labs, this game is one of the best you can get. The stakes go sometimes very high in this incredible air hockey turn-based game. There is quite a long list of the bets you can choose from. For instance, the loser may have to buy the winner lunch or perhaps go for grocery shopping. You can also create personalized stakes as well. As the game progresses it becomes more difficult as the speed accelerates. The game offers simple design but is highly addictive.

 3. xoxo – Tic Tac Toe

Want to relive your childhood one more time? You must definitely remember those times when you used to play Tic Tac Toe. Well, you can do that again as Laser Focused brings this amazing game right within the iMessage. This game is free to download and you can play it with up to 4 friends simultaneously. There are in-app purchases but they aren’t very costly. It has an interesting interface that immediately draws your attention.

4. MsgMe WordGuess

Developed by Secret Mumbo Inc, this game is quite like the more popular Hangman game. What you need to do is enter a word that is no less than 4 characters and no longer than 11. Now, your friends on iMessage will have to guess that word. The friends also enter a word and it would be up to you to guess. The first one to guess the word entered by the other person will win the game. The good thing is that you don’t have to close the chat while playing the game.

5.  Send It: Inspiring Creativity

Well, as the name suggests, this game is all about improving your creative skills. The game is all about being impromptu and learning to improvise better. The idea of the game is to create sentences instinctively and that too only one word at a time. You can pick one of the available ideas or bring up your own. The game is timed and before the timer stops you have to add one word you think is creative to the sentence and then simply Send It!

6.  Let’s Hang

No doubt that hangman was an extremely popular game once. You needed a pen and paper to play it with your friends. But, you had to play the game when your friends were available in person.  But, ‘Let’s Hang!’ doesn’t require you or your friends to be around physically. You could play hangman through iMessage no matter where you and your friends are. The objective is to use quirky words and witty jokes to baffle your friends and eventually hang the man. The game is free to download and play but there are some in-app purchases.

 7. Quickies

Have taken a quick break from work and wish to pass the time playing a quick game? Well, what could get better than Quickies in this situation? It is also an assortment of games that you can play quickly in a short time. There are some really exciting games here. For instance, you can play rock-paper-scissor game or you could challenge your friend to Tic Tac Toe. Want to go for something even quicker? Play the Toss Coin game, flip the coin and see who wins. Quickies is a completely free game that can be played from within iMessage.

 8. Mr. Putt

This game is a treat for the iMessage users who love to play golf. This game lets you play the mini golf game with your friends using iMessage. The game is pretty exciting and challenging. There are 4 beautiful golfing locations to pick from including Nebula, Blaze, Retro and Frost. You could play the game one on one with a friend or create a group and start a competition. Getting started is very simple and playing the game is simpler. This is one of the best games for iMessage.

 9. Cobi Hoops

Love to dunk balls in the basket? Now you can get to the hoops from iMessage with this incredible game called Cobi Hoops. Developed by Cobra Mobile Limited, this game presents many hooping challenges to keep you glued to it. Not only does the game allow you to choose the basketball courts, you can also choose the characters. You can shoot hoops while playing against the computer. But, if you feel the need to challenge a friend, go ahead and invite them. The game is free to download but there are add-ons you can buy.

 10. Fast Thumbs

Take pride in how fast you can type on your iPhone or iPad? If you are confident about your typing speed, why not try this awesome game called Fast Thumbs. This game pits you against your friends in a typing challenge. It lets you know who can type the fastest. There is variety of categories and depending upon the one you pick, you need to type 10 phrases given randomly to you and your friend. To make the game more challenging you can include punctuation and emoji.


iMessage is not just for messaging after all; you can also play some exciting games here. These games for iMessage are designed specifically for this messaging service and you can play them with your friends.